FingerTalk - SASL

Terms and Conditions of use.

1 Privacy

Wigital, the legal entity responsible for the creation of this application will never use your details for use other than to contact you regarding the application and will never sell your details to third parties for marketing purposes.

2 Communication

By accepting these terms of use, you agree that Wigital may send you communication via the Notice Board, as well as via email when necessary.

3 Advertising

The Notice  Board on the application is created as a means of communicating announcements and promoting events relevant to the Deaf community. The Notice Board may also be used by advertisers to advertise appropriate and relevant content, products or services to their intended target audience, the users of the application. By accepting these terms of use, you agree that such advertisers' advertisements will appear on your Notice Board as and when such advertisements are placed.

4 Copyright

All content is protected by the same copyrights that protect the book

No part of the app, partly or fully, may be recreated by anyone other than Wigital under its agreement with Sue Howard and Blue Sky Publishing.

5 Your Contribution

We welcome your suggestions for signs to be added to the application, and also welcome you to provide them using your own photos. Signs provided by app users must:

Signs submitted by users will be sent for verification, and only once successfully vetted will the sign be included into the databased and into the next release of the application.

Once signs are included into the application, the users who submitted those signs will be thanked and receive recognition in the monthly FingerTalk newsletter and FIngerTalk Notice Board.

Only users who use the PAID version of the application will be eligible to submit signs and receive recognition for those signs.

Signs submitted by users to be included in the application become the property of Wigital, and the Intellectual Property thereof also belongs to belongs to Wigital. Wigital may reuse and publish the sign content at its discretion without any prior notice to the contributor

6 Quiz Data

Wigital makes available, via the application, a quiz for users to test their knowledge and compete with other users. Quiz dates and times are based on the server time and not necessarily on the client device time.

Wigital stores user quiz data which may be communicated to app users via the monthly newsletter or via the FingerTalk Notice Board.

All quiz data remains the property of Wigital.